A Word Processor That is Not Distracting for That First Draft Flow of Words

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Sometimes you just want to get the words down without seeing a lot of distractions that can be part of a regular word processing program. Years ago when I used to use a typewriter, my eyes were fixed on a single line of type or a single word. Sometimes a single letter. This visual focus in reality made it easy for my imagination to explore. Screen real estate for computers and word processing programs can have a lot of distractions. Sometimes I just want to write so I use Write! It makes it easy to get a draft of the words down. Then I can go back and edit.

The flow of the words for a first draft is important. (more…)


5 Essential Skills You Need to Survive in Todays Business World

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unduhan (59)One of the most important skills you need to survive in today’s business world is the ability to learn and to learn very quickly. Once you are able to do that, it becomes easier for you to learn and to quickly grasp all other survival skills. The act of learning is every bit as important as what you learn. Believing that you can improve yourself and do things in the future that are beyond your current possibilities is exciting and fulfilling. Among the many skills you need, these here 5 skills are some of the most essential skills which can deliver the biggest payoff for your efforts at surviving in today’s business world.

01. Time management skills. Management experts have determined that one of the biggest things that get in the way of effective time management is the “tyranny of the urgent.” This is simply the tendency of little things that need doing now to get in the way of what really matters. If because of the supposed urgency of these little things you neglect other important matters, you end up spending more time doing things which will


Tips To Open A Successful Coffee House

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unduhan (58)Opening a coffee house has good business prospects. The population of coffee drinkers is very large and this is the reason the coffee industry is booming. If you want to combine your love for this beverage with your entrepreneurial spirit, you should consider opening a coffee house.

Starting a coffee house needs a lot of considerations. You have to think about your margins, meeting industry standards, set targets for yourself and your staff, apply for correct licenses, marketing, budget and think of new products. Here are a few tips which can help you in opening a successful coffee shop:

Create a Business Plan– Your business plan should be fresh, unique and exciting. This will be your first step and explains what exactly your business will be, how it will be profitable, what your customer base will be, competitor study, growth plan and strategies to achieve your goals.

Location– Selecting a good location for your coffee shop is very important. A centrally located place which is easily accessible to people should be preferred.

Interiors– You should take care about creating a good floor


Tips For Launching Your Own Business

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unduhan (57)

This November will be my sixteenth-year anniversary of starting my own human resources consulting business. As I look back on the years, I am amazed at what I accomplished and learned. If you are thinking about starting a business, read on!

I always dreamed about having my own business, talked to friends about it, and imagined how it might be. But it was only after two women gave me a push, that I started doing instead of dreaming. First, my former boss said to me, when we were both thinking about moving on, “I never looked for a job, I always went out and created my own.” Given her advice, I hired a business coach to help me map out my next career steps. My coach saw my entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged me to start a business. So I moved from dreaming to doing.

The first few months of my business I spent setting up a legal structure, registering the business name, implementing an easy accounting system, setting up a business checking account, establishing a line of credit and obtaining business insurance. Each item was

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4 Startup Tips For New Entrepreneurs

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unduhan (56)There is a little more structure to being an entrepreneur as well, and it’s not all ‘flying loose and free… ‘ The name of the game is having a goal, seeing the big picture, developing a plan, learning and re-assessing constantly, being adaptable, and following through.

This article offers up a few tips and some practical help to guide you on the start of your enterprise.

1. If you’ve got a job, don’t quit straight away!

This is something which I did myself, and it really was the best thing to get me started. It allowed for me to start up allocating the time and finances I could afford to invest in the new venture, while maintaining a level of stability. It bought me the time to be able to make a few mistakes, learn the ropes, and become confident enough with the direction that things were moving in, to be comfortable with giving up the day job without going into a state of panic.

It can generally take around six months to a year, (if not


Creativity Innovation and Entrepreneurship The Personal Growth Challenge

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unduhan (55)Why did you start your business?

I’m often told by the entrepreneurs I speak with that the reason they went into business was because they felt a need to get their message out to the world. They tell me how much they love the work they do and how important it is to them. They tell me that they know that their work has the potential to have an enormous impact on the people around them.

Then I ask them how their business is going and I often hear, “Things are slow” or “They are just getting started”. They tell me that they are just waiting to get a few more things lined up or that they are having trouble pushing themselves to do the work; that they have a list of people to call but haven’t made any of the calls. They tell me that they aren’t sure what they need to do next or how to grow the business into something they want.

You know what?

Your business is actually more about you than about helping other people. A colleague of mine once


The Entrepreneurial Benefits of Failure

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21ef41bThe word “failure” has many negative connotations. As an entrepreneur, you have to get used to the word and to the idea that sometimes an idea simply doesn’t work. But this does not mean that a goal is not worth chasing, only that there must be another way of achieving it.

It is important that entrepreneurs learn to see the benefits of failure and learn to identify the lessons that can be learnt from it.

Further, it is important that we learn to be resilient: it is easy to be disheartened by a defeat and to become convinced that the idea is not worth pursuing. But no experience should be disregarded, no matter how unsuccessful the outcome.

Failure, in one form or another, is inevitable for everyone, but particularly entrepreneurs. The first thing to do when facing disappointment is to take account of the facts – don’t ignore what’s happened or try to put a too-positive spin on it. Be honest about what’s gone wrong so that you can you accurately identify the lessons and take action.


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Dont Be Lonely at the Top

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unduhan (54)Entrepreneurs work really hard to create valuable, useful offerings for their clients. But sometimes, when those diligent business owners are operating solo, it can become a challenge to maintain the creative flow. And although occasionally repurposing old material can be perfectly sufficient, it’s important to keep your mind fresh and your ideas percolating. But how?

You need a trusted partner.

An online business manager is much more than an operations officer or a project manager. A good OBM is a thoughtful, engaged and invested party who can serve you and your business as a sounding board for your ideas.

She can help you examine your brilliant idea from all angles to see if it’s good, bad, or just OK. She can ask questions and help you envision likely scenarios to help you predict future challenges or results. She can help you develop your ideas into full-fledged programs or products that your clients will love.

You need an early-warning system.

An OBM can also help you see where those ideas you thought were so brilliant in the middle of the night might not pan out

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What Is the Best Way To Make Money Fast

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unduhan (53)In today’s time, more people are quitting their jobs or careers and are trying to learn how to make money fast. The reason people are quitting their jobs and are looking for new ways to earn a living is because they are tired of the problems that happen in the workforce. Some of the problems they deal with is human resources, having to do something they hate, and the low pay that they receive.

In a few, I will discuss an innovative way to make money fast and live a higher quality lifestyle. But before I do that, I want to discuss some of the reasons why you hate your job or career.

Problem #1 Having to deal with human resources is a complete pain

People who have not graduated with the respected degree you have, now have you by the throat. Assuming you get by the interview process, you now have to abide by their bogus 90 day probation rules. You are put in a position where you have to be an alpha at work and a


3 Pillars of a Successful Business Partnership

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unduhan (52)My first business venture was a partnership. Working with another person with similar dreams was the only way I was able to get started as a business owner. We coupled my general business skills and money, along with his expertise and time. We operated three units of a local pizza restaurant franchise throughout the 1990’s. I kept my day job, and my partner took care of the day-to-day operations of the business.

I’ve gone on to experience less rewarding partnerships, and fortunately, much more fruitful ones as well. I now understand more clearly why I prefer working in teams, and how I am typically more productive combining my skills and energy with my partners’. Starting with that first successful teaming, I have come to understand and appreciate that at the foundation of a strong business partnership are the three pillars of trust, respect and agreement.

1. Trust

Before there can be anything meaningful and lasting in a relationship, there must be a mutual level of trust. Trust, however, takes time to develop.

I have known David Begin, my current partner in various ventures, since 1991.

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Impact Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing A Conscious Way of Doing Business

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da2bd4ad2abe3b8794857f0dd05bad23What is impact entrepreneurship and how is it different from traditional way of doing business?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary: “entrepreneur” is a noun that is pronounced en•tre•pre•neur and defined as a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. Alternative definition is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. The word has French origins, coming from Old French “entreprendre” to undertake, and has been in known use since 1852.

Basically, a traditional entrepreneur is in the risky business of undertaking some sort of enterprise, typically for one and only purpose of financial gain. It doesn’t matter if the business is suffocating the economy with Chinese plastic disposable toys that pollute Chinese rivers, fill our landfills and poison our children. It doesn’t matter if it is tobacco, alcohol, coal mining, guns, propaganda, violent video games, or cute apps to get babies addicted to electronic devices. It doesn’t matter if the gadget self-destructs after one use. As long as it is cheap, cost-effective, and it sells, it

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7 Actionable Tips To Remain Positive As An Entrepreneur

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unduhan (51)Many people believe the main issue in their life is their income and that by changing their income they will change their life in such a way they will be happy. But first, you must change your mindset, while will then change your income and ultimately your life. It must be done in this particular order, much like planting a garden, to get the results you want.

As an entrepreneur, there will always be setbacks, so you must re-visit these steps on a regular basis.

1. Get Ride Of Your Addiction To The Outcome:
This is probably the most important mindset change you can make. It doesn’t matter what kind of business strategy you are using, when you are no longer dependent on the outcome, you can become more positive. This gives you the appearance of a leader in the eyes of your prospects and is exactly what other people are looking for.

2. Actively Work On Your MindSet:
How you do this is personal to you. You may find it by reading or listening to motivational books, meditating, yoga or exercise. Maybe you feel more


5 Really Effective Tips for Burgeoning Entrepreneurs

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unduhan (50)Done with your graduation and now you want to set up your own business. Not a bad idea because if you want to walk an extra mile, you have to start early. Really Early… Here are 5 effective tips which would keep your business on the right track and help you nurture growth at a rapid pace.

Trust Your Instincts & Have a Belief In Your Business Idea

When starting a business with a new idea, the ultimate thing which matters the most is do you trust in your idea? Do you trust in yourself to make it happen? This will form the building block of your business. For any business to taste success, it should have a strong foundation. Your belief will serve as an inspiration to your team, which will further reflect on their performance.

Capital Funding

Running a business requires a lot of money. Literally, a lot of money and you should prepare yourself for it. You should have a strong credit line of your family and if this is not the case, then

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Are You Willing to Risk Big to Build Your Business

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images (20)We hire coaches and mentors for a reason; to stretch us, take us where we have yet to go and remind us of the little things that add up to big outcomes.

Personally, I hire experts to push me and encourage me to take risks (and big ones at that). What I fail to understand is when someone hires a coach and either never shows up for their calls, in-person masterminds, VIP Days or whatever is offered as part of the package. This truly boggles my mind.

Then there are the people who do take advantage of what’s being offered, but never take any of the recommendations to heart. What a complete waste of time and money. If you’ve hired someone for their expertise, be willing to put their ideas into action.

One of the greatest benefits of having a really strong mentor is the trickledown effect. What this simply means is: what we learn from someone else, when we apply it and get a result, we are able to teach others.

I’ve been hiring business coaches for years. Although I have a successful business,


Four Must Reads for Promising Entrepreneurs

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unduhan (49)We read books throughout our lives, but it becomes especially important when we are at the start of the journey to entrepreneurship. Reading the right book can not only point us in the correct direction, it can also give valuable insights and suitable advice. Indeed, a good book can be a much needed good friend in times of need. Listed below are four books to help us on our way, to make this journey a success.

1. The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating & avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a Startup by Noam Wasserman

Noam Wasserman teaches a class called ‘Founder’s Dilemmas’ at Harvard Business School. This book is the culmination of Noam’s actual research and that class. He mainly focuses on the key dilemmas that a startup founder will face when starting a company. All the information related to founder dynamics, solo founders, optimal number of founders and their roles and relationships, equity allocations between founders is covered in the book.

2. The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Business by Eric Reis

Eric Reis talks about the lean

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Entrepreneurship and How It Makes You a Better Person

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unduhan (48)Entrepreneurship has traditionally been defined the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company, offering a product, process or service for sale.

The above written lines state the meaning of the word entrepreneurship as per the widest searched platform on the internet, Wikipedia. But, the question is, does it really mean only this much or is there more to entrepreneurship. Let’s explore.

When you design a service or a product and think of launching it in the market, does it really just take that idea and the work is done? We sure know for a fact that this is not and can not be the case. It takes a lot more than just an idea to be running a successful business. The initial few phases of launching a startup are nothing but utter chaos. Also, understanding the responsibility takes some time. With time, the attitude towards life changes and also a sense of how to get things done is developed.

Let’s delve into what transformations you go through when you go from a


5 Tips That Can Help You to Open a Wellness Center

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businessyogaA wellness center is a common term that is used for businesses like spas, gyms, massage parlors and many other similar houses. A more specific term that can be used is a one in which medical healthcare professionals, life- coaches and nutritionists can provide a very wide variety of services and treatments for the health of their client’s bodies and minds. There are also some wellness centers that function as not for profit organizations. Below are a few important tips that can help you to open a wellness center.

1. Profit or Non- profit

You need to decide whether the center is for profit or for non- profit motives. This decision can go a long way in deciding your future motives and functioning as well. If you are willing to function as a not for profit center, there is always a requirement of donations for the proper functioning.

2. Services you wish to offer

There are many types of services that you can offer in your wellness center. These services include alcohol and drug treatment, vaccinations, health screenings,


Your 5 Step Success Plan to Six Figures

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unduhan (47)First understand this is a process and not everyone is at the same place. A great analogy to use is a football field. Maybe you have been in business for some time and are just 10 yards away from the goal, but just need 1-2 tweaks to propel you forward. Or you may be on the other end of the field, just getting started and have 90 yards to goal. For some, they are not even on the field yet, and are just getting started.

Wherever you are in the process, understand it is a process for everyone. We have all been there.

1. Be The Person

Become the person that people want to follow and do business with. It really comes down to personal development. Don’t be the whiner, complainer or negative person nobody wants to be around. Work on yourself to become the people you want to attract to your business and work with.

Believe in what is possible even if you can’t see it yet. This can be a huge obstacle for many because there are a lot of cynical people out


What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Investors

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unduhan (46)Congratulations, you’ve decided to launch your company! You have an exciting business idea; you’ve thought through all the necessary steps to start and run your enterprise. If your venture requires more money than you have, the next move will be finding investors. This part is the most challenging. Admit it; you don’t have a habit of speaking with 50+ investors who get dozens of pitches like yours every day. The investors want to know why they should trust you, so show them that your business is worth their hard-earned cash. Every investor has his/her own approach to the evaluation of pitches. “Some do substantial due diligence before meeting (reading a plan, talking to people they know) and others granting a meeting without even looking at the plan at all. Some investors rely on their intuition while others crunch a lot of numbers. Almost all of them source carefully, make good use of co-investors, and focus on the entrepreneur and team” [1]. But, if you are a first-time entrepreneur and never dealt with investors, you may not know some factors that can be decisive for them. Let’s enlarge upon that


Purnima The Story of Indias Self Made Women Entrepreneurs

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inside_richa_1406618632_640x640Woman? W-itemized? Weak? Well not any longer!

India, the country where the very essence of being a woman meant living in the shadows of men, the man being their father, brother or husband. However now, the scenario is different and better; ways have been paved for women in the field of science, technology and entrepreneurship, by women themselves.

New chapters are being written by them, each better than the last. We’re no longer the submissive ladies chained in patriarchal customs, we’re busy developing ourselves, becoming masters in whatever we do.

‘Purnima’, I’d like to call these women. Purnima in Hindi means the full moon and a full moon describes beauty, grace and gorgeousness that flows after completing a full circle. Over the years we’ve conquered our fears and overpowered the traditions that said we were meant to stay back home and cook. It’s time for a reality check and also time for you to excavate into details of ‘India’s Self-made Purnimas’. These three women, mentioned below, are the ones who understood that being a woman is a sign of

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